The Dark Mansion Tarot - LIMITED EDITION

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NOTE: The Limited Edition has been sold !!!
But maybe for 2-3 lucky people there will still be a chance to buy in the coming days:
how will the unpaid order and the packages which have not been picked up and returned to the store will be explained.

Exclusive Limited edition of The Dark Mansion Tarot - OLNY 500pcs Available !!!
*we guarantee that there will be no more copies of the limited version

The Limited Edition Includes:
81 cards of size 14cm x 8,78cm 
*plus 2 extra cards (double Sun and Moon cards)
350g high-qality paper, finished with the SILK matte lamination - it's Luxurious, nice to the touch surface
Matte gold edges

Handmade Natural Wooden Box*!
Tarot Bag
Different back of the cards than in regular deck
Numbered certificate with a manual signature

*The boxes for limited edition deck are made of solid wood, only the top and bottom are waterproof plywood. They are hand-made by ecological method. Each box is waxed and hand-trimmed and polished.  Wax protects against moisture and emphasizes the structure of the wood. Each piece is slightly different, because wood is a material that has an individual structure.
The pressure of the hand of the person processing this material - the box, is also always different, which gives an additional effect of originality for each box ...
You can say that each box is different ... and each is unique


Product reviews (9)

21 December 2018

This set was love at first glance! The incredibly perfect work of the author is original, has an idea, humor and life. Card processing is perfect, cards are nice to touch, have beautiful colors and good size. A beautiful wooden box and bag is a bonus. I'm very pleased with these cards, I'm so glad I ordered them. These cards will also like my two granddaughters! Thank you for your great job! Sara

29 December 2018

These cards are stunning in every single way. You will love this deluxe version!!! The soft buttery feel and the beautiful shuffle ..the art is not like anything I have in any other deck. So rich and detailed and cute and gorgeous...the bag is beautiful the box is lovely the entire set is just perfect. You won’t regret this purchase in any way!!

2 January 2019

I got both LE and regular edition. i first just opened the regular edition and I have to tell you I LOVE this deck! I have about 400 + decks and This will go to my top 5 deck, maybe even TOP 1. And after I opened the LE ❤️❤️❤️

10 January 2019

Soooooooooo in love with these cards. I bought the regular edition and then came back to but the limited edition, easily in my top three!!!

20 February 2019

The Dark Mansion Tarot LE is the most beautiful and perfect deck ever created. The Gilding is perfect, they feel good to touch. I love this Deck so much that I bought a lot more to last me everyday of my life for at least next 40 years maybe 50. I do readings everyday professionally, so that is going to be a lot of readings and I will still be in love with them in the future. Every image makes me feel good, It's like the artist made them just for me.

26 February 2019

Fantastic! Truly my favorite Tarot deck ever - beautiful design and flawless quality. Often there's some quibble with any privately produced tarot cards - either not bright enough, not thick enough cardstock, too matte / too shiny, etc... with the Dark Mansion deck everything is truly perfect. The Service is excellent, just know that shipping from Poland takes a long time oh, but it is all worth waiting for!

20 May 2019

Nous avons finis par craquer sur l'ensemble des versions à la maison et c'est sans aucun regrets! Le talent et la qualité sont réunis pour nous offrir un outil ainsi qu'un objet de collection unique! Le grand format permet d'apprécier l'ensemble des illustrations ainsi qu'une meilleure attention quand aux détails de ces dernières. Le coffret en bois est absolument magnifique, la pochette est doublée et les tissus utilisés sont parfaitement choisis pour protéger les cartes à l'intérieur. C'est avec plaisir que je repasserais commande pour deux autres deck de la version régular. Un pour emporter partout et l'autre pour offrir à mon futur mari pour qui ce jeu est un coup de cœur également, mais cependant avec une préférence pour le dos de l'autre version. Ce jeu restera mon compagnon de route jusqu'à mon dernier souffle il est réellement exceptionnel!

6 June 2019

I indulged in the limited edition version of this deck, it's incredible. The colors are so rich, and some of the cards have an almost 3-D quality to the illustrations. The cardstock is satiny, matte, and sturdy. The box and bag that the deck come in are beautiful. I'm going to also get the standard sized deck to carry with me as the limited edition is not going to leave the house. If my house was on fire, I'd grab my Baba Studio decks and this one!

17 July 2019

They are beautiful , gorgeous cards. Everything is perfect - the artwork , quality, quick delivery! I bought Regular edition and when I got the deck , I fell in love with them cards! In fact I ordered Large edition as well. For now I have two decks and I wound buy Limited edition as well but this edition is sold out. Gorgeous deck! Love from first sight!


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